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12 SEO Goals for 2019: Some Amazing Ideas that will Inspire You

New year, New goals, New ambitions, New dreams. 2019 is just in. time is fleeting and world is growing faster. Every business person should ruminate on SEO goals in a most dynamic way. The word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an integral part of your business, for every SEO professional, and for every project. SEO community plays a vital role in teaching you SEO goals.

In this article, I pen down astonishing SEO goals for 2019 which I have learned from the SEO community around the globe.

Well Thought Out SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Goals for 2019

Chase the Long-Tail

Hey, my folks! You will definitely get to know the goal # 1 by the quote of Chief Content Engagement Director, Christoph Trappe. “Stick to the goal of finding the sweet spot on the long tail. The most amazing thing is, being able to share your own story to the world, be found and driven. Do not go there, where everyone is rewarded, but still go with the relevance”.

Keep Yourself Aware with the New Technology and Its Impact On SEO

If you want success in this world, remember one of the most significant things. Study the new technology. Whether you are a student, whatever profession you have, or being a housewife. It will help you in getting success, will shape your future, and enhance your career. In digital marketing world, the study of the new technology is essential for everyone. When you put yourself in the study of new technology, you will be able to implement into your business regarding SEO tactics, which will be fruitful in the future.

Voice Search is Important More Than Anything

Do you know voice search is crossing the questions and answers search? With the new year, new things and tactics are penetrating in the globe and on the internet as well. People are changing and strategies are also getting change. So, as an SEO expert, you should understand the voice search over the questions and answers. Virtual assistance is key these days.

Keep yourself up-to-minute as an SEO Professional

With the passing of every minute, every industry changes. So, in order to get success over others, keep yourself aware of the new changes and trends. Google algorithm changes will definitely teach you new ideas, new content, and better results. If you study and understand that. To be ahead over others, keep yourself up-to-date and welcome the change.

Welcome the Featured Scrap of Information

Michael Brown Jr., Senior SEO Manager at Jellyfish Online Marketing, strongly recommends for SEO goals, adapt the featured scrap of information. According to him, stay connected with the Google snippet tests in order to grab the future opportunities.

Improve the Speed of Page Loading

One of the important things for improving your sites. Being an SEO professional, you should pay keen attention to this point. Speed up your page loading time to less than four seconds. This could be done through image optimization, minimizing HTTP requests, and reducing the number of plugins and pixels on your sites.

Give Links

To be on the top of the SEO, agencies should conduct more link audits. Pay more attention to fixing the outbound broken links and in getting backlinks.

Connect SEO with CRO

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. You 2019 goal for SEO expert should be, SEO and CRO should work together.

Personal Branding is Important

Bill Hartzer, SEO & Domain Name Consultant at Hartzer Consulting says your SEO goal should be work on the personal brand as compared to work for the agencies. If you are having your own personal brand, you can up on the top in the digital marketing industry as the time is changing.

Organize Yourself and Your Business

To be a step ahead over others, organize yourself and also organize the way of your working by making proper task lists and up-to-date list of your goals.

Make Your Clients Happy

Daria Khmelnitsky, the SEO Specialist at SEO Ranking, says, the best thing correlates your own professional goals with the client’s goals. That will be great for your business. Always try to keep your clients happy.

Tell a Better Story

You should improve yourself and tell better version of your SEO stories to your clients. Keep yourself up-to-date with the KPI information as well.